The Mad On Music™ Extended Team!!
Florence - Chief Administration Officer
Florence has been working at Mad On Music for 3 years. She has a solid administration background with over 4 years prior work history in office support and clerical duties. She is hardworking, loyal and highly organised. Florence loves a good pizza and has used her initiative to find a delivery service close by! We now all order too!
Brianna - Administration Officer
Briana has just commenced work with Mad On Music. She has a Bachelor of Creative Technology and Bachelor of Business. She enjoys Karate and Hockey and being a musician herself, she enjoys theory and composition. Having studied for the last 4 years she was keen to get out and find employment and landed up on our door step ready to go! She is loving being Mad On Music!
Sally - Office Assistance
Sally has been with us since 2006 and does anything and everything in the MOM office. She now assists Mad On Music on a casual basis, assisting in busy times. She is an invaluable asset to the team and  we could not do without her!  A musician herself, she plays a mean piccolo flute!
David - Concert Assistance
David worked for Mad On Music as a teacher for two years and now assists casually during concert season. He is a great asset to the team and knows the ropes well. David You Rock!
Marisa - Concert Assistance, Cook,
Marisa offers her time – at anytime. A valuable asset to our team, especially when she makes her famous ‘Cannelloni’. You go Girl!!
Peter - Theory Tests
Peter manages MOM’s Theory Test Correction Day each term. He has been the pioneer in streamlining the day so that a team of correctors including himself can correct 600 tests on 1 day. This has helped MOM immensely as Tests can always get out on time. Go Peter!!!

Leah - Bookkeeper
Leah joined us in 2010. She is a fun, bubbly and very efficient with the books. She eases the workload considerably and keeps us all on our toes! Welcome aboard Leah!

imogenDino - Website Admin
Dino has been working behind the scenes to improve and update the Mad On Music Website. He's done an absolutely awesome job so far and we are looking forward to bigger and better things in the near future!

Mad on Music Youth Program
Carol, Iris, Imogen, Cynthia, Caitlin, & Abby

Youth program is a team of students who are local to the area or have participated in the Mad On Music program. They attend on school holidays and every Sunday. They assist the admin team in many ways and learn skills to assist them when applying for a job. They are a great asset to the Mad On Music team!  

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