Mad On Music Theory Books!  
Mad On Music™ Theory Books 1 & 2
Mad on Music have written 2 fun filled Theory books that are used within the program. Up until now, the books have been used exclusively by Mad on Music students. For the first time, Mad on Music are making the books available for general sale. Books are available to students, teachers, schools and music stores Australia wide.

‘Mozard’ the Mad On Music™ Clown wants learning music to be FUN!
Come and listen to “Carina Crotchet”
Rest a while with “Mario Minim Rest”
Back on stage with “Sandra Semibreve”
And ending the performance – presenting Mr. “Dino Double Barline”

Mad On Music Theory Books have been designed specifically for primary aged students as a part of a contemporary educational program. This is a top quality and time efficient program, packed with loads of fun for the young musician. It takes only 5-10 minutes to go over the material during lesson time, and the children can do the rest for homework. The test at the end of each term provides a great way of checking if the information has been understood.

“These books set a new standard in music education. We have come up with a high quality, time efficient and fun theory program. Our aim in creating these books, was to present information that is fun, easy to follow and to encourage the children and parents to get involved in learning.”

Mad On Music™ Theory Book 1
Theory Book 1 introduces letter names, note / rest names, barlines and lines / spaces. Carina Crotchet, Mario Minim & Sandra Semibreve are 3 of the fun characters that help students along the way!

Mad On Music™ Theory Book 2
Theory Book 2 introduces counting, learning intervals, and fun crazy rhymes to ensure that students remember their staff notes!! (crazy elephants giggle before dinner finishes!!)

Sealed Section & Certificate
There is also a surprise pocket on the back cover of each theory book called “The Sealed Section”, which is sealed with a removable gold sticker. Students love opening this section. Enclosed in this section are 4 tests numbered Theory Test 1 to 4. These tests are to be given out after every 7-8 pages of work.

These tests are best held under test conditions where you, the teacher, are supervising. Half an hour to no more than 40 minutes is plenty of time. Once the seal is broken after the first test, we recommend you take the other 3 tests out, & hold onto them until students are ready to sit them. I'm sure they would find it hard not to take a peek at the remaining tests!! If they find it difficult the first time around, it can be erased and done again. As the tests are completed & marked, they can be filed in the back pocket of the book. Also enclosed in the ‘Sealed Section’ is a certificate to be given out on completion of the books and tests. Unlike other certificates, it is not attached to the book. This way the students can frame it if they so wish.

“Tell them how to play music and they will remember TODAY.
TEACH them, and they will always remember.”

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Current Prices for 2011 are as follows: (prices are GST inclusive)
Mad On Music™ Theory Book 1 - $17.95
Mad On Music™ Theory Book 2 - $18.95

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