The Mad On Music™ Schools Pack

Are you interested in having Mad on Music teach in your School? We have our Schools Pack available, which explains the program in detail. The information provided is comprehensive, and is of most help to Principals, Teachers, & Music Coordinator’s who are interested in implementing a quality program such as Mad on Music into their school. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions you may have.

What does my Schools Pack include?

Enclosed is a total of 11 pages consisting of:

1. The Mad on Music Guarantee: which assures you of our commitment to you and your school, and the quality and care we take as a whole to running our program in your school.

2. Educational Value: This gives you a run down of what we offer musically to the students.

3. MOM Yearly Lesson Plan:  The Curriculum for the year

4. The Directors: Some background information about the directors of Mad on Music.

5. Mad On Music Flyer: This is a copy of the Mad On Music's promotional flyer that is given to parents prior to enrolling. It directs parents to the Mad On Music Website where they can enroll their child into music lessons. Mad on Music will provide the school with plenty of copies.

6. Essential Information Gr-2-6: Important Information for parents regarding the program.

7. Essential Information Gr-Prep /1: Important Information for parents regarding the program.

8. Blurb (1 page): This is an expression of interest blurb to put in the school newsletter to gain feedback on parents who are interested in lessons.

9. Mad On Music Referees: A list of principals that will attest to the quality and integrity of the program.

Download the Mad On Music™ Schools Pack now. Click the PDF File to begin your download.
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